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DOMA Dead || Chill (Chris x Will)

Written for withoutyouiamnotasurvivor.

I fucking need a Chris and Will fic where they reacted to being able to get married in California, please

Sometimes he liked to go online and not just for Twitter or Instagram, just to fill up some down time. It had been a long and fruitful day in London, and now, on the couch in the lounge of their suite, in nice comfy pyjamas, he’d just peek in to see what was going on in the world. Will would be back with the cheesecake and wine any minute now, and they’d be watching awful romantic comedies from a snuggle on the couch tonight. With nothing else to do but wait, Chris scrolled through some news articles on his phone. His eye caught an intriguing one and he had to skim back up to find it.

Moments later, the hotel suite door opened up. Will came in, grin on his face, plastic bag in the hand not holding the key card. “So they were all out of strawberry but I think you’ll really like this-” He stopped dead when he realized his boyfriend was paying no attention whatsoever. He huffed and decided to find out what was so interesting. He set everything down on the glass coffee table and went around to kneel behind the sofa. He crossed his arms on the edge and scooted close to Chris, kissing his shoulder softly. “What’s so interesting?”

Chris jumped. He had really had no idea that Will had even come back yet. “Um-” The normally so eloquent young man stumbled on his words. “It seems they just shot down Prop. 8 and DOMA in California. All couples are now free to marry and are afforded equal rights and benefits.”

Will nodded, interested, and came around to sit next to Chris on the couch. He lifted his arms and laid it behind his lover’s shoulders. Chris was still reading. Will let out another puff of air. “So, you excited?” he asked vaguely, rubbing the other male’s shouler a bit.

Chris nodded distantly. He was almost finished reading. And… “Done.” He laid his head on Will’s shoulder: he was surprisingly affectionate when in a good mood and it being dark and just the two of them. He smiled warmly. It was legal now. “Um… excited for what?”

"For it being legalized and taken seriously. I know you said you would like a ring on your finger some day. How does it feel to not have to settle for a promise ring?"

Chris smiled a little. “It feels good, I guess… Though it’s still probably not gonna happen any time soon.” He closed his eyes and leaned closer to him.

Chris, eyes shut, couldn’t see his boyfriend’s smirk. “Whatever you say, babe,” he nodded, all too aware of the platinum band in his back pocket.

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