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For my new Safe & Sound readers


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“Mr. Howell, do you want detention, or worse?”

Worse? Was he gonna spank me or something? I was a bad boy, wasn’t I, Mr. Thomas? Fuck you.

from Safe & Sound, Part 12

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Bubbles appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

My baby girl

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Anonymous said:

When will the next chapter be up? :) thank you <3 xxxx

I HOPE to have it up today but…

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Every fandom takes on the opposite tone of the thing they’re fanning over.

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Requested by Anon: Video here

(let me just say, as an American, Twinkies are awful. definitely not a national treasure in my book.)

we like the idea of twinkies still existing more than the twinkies themselves twinkies are shit

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Anonymous said:

How many chapters of safe and sound are you planning on doing?

I’m not sure yet but a lot.

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